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03 March 2017

Why the Primetest 250+ could be your ideal PAT Tester

The PrimeTest 250+ offers fast and efficient electrical safety testing with label printing and data storage.

Enabling simple, professional and fast PAT testing, this versatile tester features all of the required tests of the IET 5th Edition Code of Practice along with USB download. It is also fully compatible with the Test n Tag Pro serial printer for quick and easy label printing without any setup required – just plug and print.

A Seaward datalogger program is supplied as standard and this along with the single key download feature allows measurement data to be quickly and easily transferred from the PrimeTest 250+ to PC at the press of a button; whilst all records are date stamped for complete traceability.

  • Low current earth continuity test guaranteeing accurate measurement
  • Insulation resistance at 250/500V
  • IEC lead test
  • Protective conductor current
  • Touch current
  • 3 Phase leakage current (requires adaptor)
  • Atlernative leakage current
  • RCD test (30mA/150mA)
  • Power socket test

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Primetest 250+ PAT Tester Review

PE’s Norman Bradshaw tests out his sea legs with the Seaward PrimeTest 250+ PAT Tester.

When you go to do some PAT Testing, do you sometimes wish you had an extra pair of hands just to carry everything with you? In days gone by some testers were quite big and bulky. Not only that but you also needed something to record your results on, either a note book or printed out sheets. Added to that, you required lots of PAT Testing labels and a decent pen.

Finally, if you wished to finish the job on-site you would have had to have brought a mobile printer and a laptop too. Quite a cumbersome lot of equipment, but the fun did not end there, because once on-site you had to find a good spot where you could set it all up; however when space was at a premium, then things got quite tricky.

Fast forward to now, and you no longer need to be loaded down like a donkey because Seaward has added a PLUS to their 250 model and what a plus it is!

What makes this PAT Tester so special? If you have ever done a lot of PAT Testing you know that climbing under desks and tracking out leads is no fun, and sometimes there are no spare plugs to plug your machine into. Well this Tester takes you to the next level as all the tests can be done without any power supply present (as long as you don’t let the batteries run out on you). This is because when it comes to the earth leakage test the PrimeTest 250+ can detect if 230v are present. If no voltage is detected then the PAT Tester will perform a substitute leakage test. This value has been factory set so as long as your instrument under test has a leakage less than this setting, then it will be given a Pass, allowing you to move on the next piece of equipment.

Selecting the ‘class’, insulation and leakage parameters, for the appliance under test are made easy as all the nine main functional keys have easy to understand symbols on them and just to make life even simpler, there are also pictorial drawings below them.

Once the set-up is complete and you initiate testing, then all the readings are displayed simultaneously on the easy to read display screen. Once the equipment under test has been tested then you have the opportunity to save the results within the tester’s internal memory and print off a Pass or Fail sticker using the Test n Tag Pro labeller.

One way I have found to ascertain the reliability of the tester is to repeat the tests, as an unreliable machine will not always give you the same results. Seaward’s 250+ ‘Passed’ this test as well as all the others, so it gets a big ‘Plus’ from me.

There are other features of the tester I have not mentioned yet such as the ability to test RCD’s and with a special adaptor test 3 phase equipment but I think you would rather get your hands on one of these than listen to me carrying on.

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