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14 July 2017

UHF PD Diagnosis at High Voltage Cable Terminations

Application shot Megger UHF PDD Detector, by Acutest

UHF PD Diagnosis at High Voltage Cable Terminations

High voltage terminations are essential components in high voltage cable systems. Great reliability is provided by high manufacturing quality and company type testing.  However  onsite  installations represent  a considerable  uncertainty  for  successful  service  of the  system.

Commissioning testing of cable systems according to IEC60840 and IEC62067 should allow a safe, undisputed service. The cable can be put into service after successfully passing a commissioning test, which is increasingly accompanied by partial discharge measurement. While a cable is in service, periodically performed offline testing and diagnostic measurements rarely take place due to the significant effort of switching off the cable system. Online diagnostic methods, which could be used whilst a cable is in service, are valuable sources for information and represent a reasonable compromise between costs and benefit. UHF PD diagnosis  has  proven  to  be  a  valuable  and  effective  method  for measuring high voltage assets (cables, GIS, transformer), because this online measurement is performed at frequencies which are not affected by environmental noise.

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Theoretical background
UHF measurements of artificial defects
Corona discharges
Interfacial / surface discharges
Discharges in “small” voids
Discharges in “large” voids
Comparison   of   diagnostic   methods   on   a   high voltage cable
Online unconventional UHF partial discharge diagnosis versus HF
Online unconventional UHF versus conventional offline PD measurements
Discussion of UHF measurements to both comparable methods
Case studies

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