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26 July 2016

T&R Case Study - the BT50

T&R Test Equipment with their high voltage insulation testing case study

Below is the Case Study by T&R

We were approached by a well-known specialist test house for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that has been a previous customer of our High Voltage test range. An amendment to regulation and standard meant the manufacturer had new requirement that could not be met with an off the shelf product. We were tasked with designing a bespoke test unit, which became the BT50. The manufacturers provided us with their requirements initial, which we used to design an initial concept. The manufacturer required a maximum output of 50kV rms to be applied over a short period of time, and additional requirements of 40kV rms to be applied and held for a period of 3 minutes. Maximum pass/fail current 26mA for gloved, specified by EN 60903 for of insulating materials.

The complete products consisted of a separate control unit containing all control and metering functions and an interlocked test enclosure containing the high voltage components and test area. Our work did not finish on delivery of the unit, as we included the installation of unit, and designed a comprehensive training course for the manufacturer's engineers on how to use and maintain the BT50.

The aim was to design a bespoke unit for a specialist test house manufacturer but we now have a versatile design that can be applied to a range of industries that require high voltage insulation testing, both the control unit and enclosure can be modified for a range of test voltages. The control unit can also be modified for various rates of rise, all can be made customer specific.

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