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24 January 2017

Seaward Apollo 500+ - Streamline your day!

Seaward Apollo 500+ fast, flexible, professional PAT Tester

The Apollo 500 has proven to be a very popular PAT tester so we thought we would let you know some of the reasons why it could be of benefit to you:

Ease of use – Features such as QWERTY keypad, colour screen & easy to navigate user interface allow for stress free operation.

Huge memory – Store up to 10,000 records so you don't need to worry about the tester filling up on larger jobs.

Complete system - Easily download your test results to PATGuard 3 software for full record management and reporting functionality.

Portability –The Seaward Apollo 500+ is handheld & battery powered meaning moving from job to job is easily done without powering down the tester, saving time and getting more tests done in a shorter amount of time.

Flexibility – Personalise your tester by setting it up with your own logos, test preferences and test sequences! Copy this across multiple testers with the clone function.

Connectivity - Connects via Bluetooth to printers & scanners for quick and easy label printing and data entry. Also connects to your mobile phone to download results remotely.

Full suite of tests – As well as the standard PAT tests required offer a full range of services to customers with one tester including RCD & point to point for fixed appliances. Offer additional services using the user tests functionality to log any work place test or inspection.