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04 August 2017

NEW Socket and See DLM PRO Designed for the Gas & Electrical Appliance Engineer

Launch photo of Socket & See DLM PRO for gas engineers

The Socket & See DLM PRO was designed to support a longstanding relationship in the Gas market place

Visiting customer properties to install and maintain Gas Appliances caused issue; an electrician and a Gas engineer were needed. The electrician tended to prove the mains supply whereas the Gas engineer installed and maintained. The electrician would then have to reconnect the supply following work which created cost and time issues. Two skilled tradespeople equates to increased cost!

In essence, upon arrival at a property and with a view to install/maintain a Gas appliance/boiler; the electrical system should be checked for polarity; correct wiring and to prove a low impedance on the circuit. Any external metal work; the boiler casing, can be checked using a ‘non-contact voltage detector’ which would alarm the Engineer should any casing be connected to mains or LIVE. Socket testing and Loop impedance testing were written into documentation and the upskilling of engineers began. Before commencing any work, safe-isolation practice has to be followed – as per Gas Safe Notice TB118, which details how and why electrical isolation should be conducted whilst working in a property on what is an electrical appliance which happens to burn a fuel/gas.

A Gas engineer would usually carry the following:

  • Flue Gas Analysers
  • a Non-contact Voltage Indicator
  • Lock off or tag out devices
  • a multimeter
  • a loop tester

These would be the ideal testers and devises to carry however, it's not adhered to by everyone. With Safe isolation being promoted these days, and being part of a Health and Safety culture, protecting both the Engineer and the installation is paramount. Implementing a policy has to make sense?

To refine the offer, Socket & See have combined a Socket Tester, Loop Tester and a Multimeter to create an ‘all-in-one’ solution for companies involved in service and installation of Gas appliances. The DLM PRO is the first tester focussed on offering safety tests required by the Gas engineer, and has been chosen by the UK’s largest Certification body as their tester of choice to accompany a course written for the Gas market place giving enhanced electrical knowledge to delegates.

Key features:

  • Conducts safety tests as deemed needed by regulation
  • Gives accurate readings to prove effectiveness and validity of an electrical  installation
  • Is a multifunction tester, saving cost
  • Has a  built in and ‘simple to use’ multimeter, allowing easy to understand fault diagnosis
  • Is chosen by the NICEIC to support their Electrics for Gas training course
  • Can be added to existing systems to ensure compliance

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