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12 April 2018

Introducing the NEW SEAWARD PAT Testers - Apollo+ Series

Launch photo of Seaward Apollo+ PAT Testers

Seawards NEW Apollo+ Series comes with improved functionality and accessories, including an external rechargeable battery pack and the ability to scan and print QR codes.

Seaward have listened their customers and created the ultimate PAT testing instrument for all levels of portable appliance testing. Not only do these comprehensive testers have a large internal memory for test records, they also have a suite of time-saving test sequences and reporting features as well as an interchangeable battery to minimise downtime when in the field.

There are also a number of kits available to help speed up your testing and labelling process and we have introduced a new 2D barcode printing format and scanner so you can store more appliance data for quicker retesting.

Seaward's new QR DATA Viewer app allows the duty holder to read the 2D barcode of any appliance and view its last test data. If the appliance is due a retest, the details of the appliance can be sent to an email address so a list of the appliances due for retest can be made.

So lets look at some of the NEW accessories...

The 2D Barcode Scanner

2D Barcode Scanner

Seaward have introduced the ability to print 2D barcodes using the Test n Tag Elite 2 printer. Previous 1D barcodes have allowed PAT professionals to store minimal information about an appliance however with the new 2D barcodes you can store a lot more information which speeds up the retesting process.

The 2D barcode scanner is only compatible with the Apollo 500+ and Apollo 600+ PAT testers when used with the Test n Tag Elite 2 printer. The 2D scanner will still read 1D barcodes when used with the Apollo 400+.


QR DATA Viewer App

PAT Testing App

The QR DATA Viewer app allows duty holders and maintenance managers read 2D barcodes on their portable appliances so they can view in-depth last test data. Test information about appliances can be sent directly to an email address so the duty holder or maintenance manager can make the relevant department aware of items that need attention.  Available for download on the App Store and Google play (Android version compatible with version 3.2 and higher)



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