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17 August 2016

Introducing the NEW MIT481/2 & MIT485/2 by Megger

Born out of the success of the MIT480 series, the new MIT480/2 range brings additional features demanded by the industry. Although originally designed to cater to the telecoms engineer, the MIT480s have been recognised as having features that tranlate to multiple disciplines, creating a user group no-longer based solely within the telecoms sector.

The MIT480/2 series now include:

  • Unique 3-wire system offers A, B & E connections and internal switching
  • Differential measurement capability
  • Gated access to 500 V test range
  • Test range displayed during selection
  • Stabilised insulation test voltage output stabilised to -0% to 2%
  • Measurement range up to 100 G?
  • 600V Trms AC and 600V DC voltage measurement
  • Rechargeable options for mains and car charging  with MIT485/2

View the MIT481/2 View the MIT485/2