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27 July 2016

Improve every stage of your Chemical Processing with Fluke

Chemical processing plant representing Acutests customers

Accurate metrology is central to improving processes. Just inspecting the process outputs is too late – things will have already gone wrong. You need to continually inspect and improve the process to know that it is running smoothly.

You must check every stage: calibration, installation, testing, reliability analysis and preventive maintenance. And at every stage, your on-site experts need accurate instruments.

Fluke understands the Chemical Processing industry – highly regulated but fast-moving with high operating expenses like energy costs. With huge throughputs, inaccurate measurements can cost millions. And what you really can't afford is downtime – that means maintaining stable, continuous operations at highest efficiency and safety levels.

Whatever your role, Fluke has an application note to help you improve your day-to-day processes. And specialists who can offer expert advice. Visit their Chemical Industry Solution page to see how they can help you.

Do you already want to talk to one of the Fluke experts on how we can help you with our tools? Please click below, fill in the form and we will contact you shortly for more information, a product demonstration or a quote.

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Products for the Chemical Industry

Thermal imaging

TiX Expert Series IR Camera
 – full featured 640x480 resolution thermal imager with Super Resolution enhancements and high speed video capture.

Process Calibrators
789 Process meter
 - Number 1 selling handheld in industrial market.  Essential tool for any instrument/electrical technician.

773 mA Process Clamp
 – Verify 4-20mA loops without breaking the loop.  Source/simulate modes available.  2nd most popular instrumentation tool.

700G Pressure Gauge
 – Variety of pressure ranges.  Hazardous zone approved.  Built in data logging capability.

754 Documenting Process Calibrator
 – Full featured process troubleshooter, calibrator and documentation tool.  Automatic calibration of many field devices.  Built in HART compatibility and trim commands.  Allows control and organization of process calibration activities.  Easy to use.  Flagship product of the Fluke Process Tools line.

810 Vibration Tester
 – full featured vibration tester expert system.  Captures vibration data and diagnoses mechanical failure automatically.

830 Laser Shaft Alignment
 – Wireless single laser shaft alignment tool

Power Quality
435-II PQ Analyser
 – full featured real-time PQ troubleshooting tool with logging capability.  Best seller in class.

190-504 Scopemeter
4 channel, independently isolated, high speed, field durable oscilloscope.  Data logging and waveform capture abilities; software connectivity.  Monitor 3-phase power without expensive differential probes.

IR Windows
CV Series
– 2”, 3”, 4” rugged, easy install IR windows.  Full line of safety certifications, including arc flash.  Conduct thermal scans and switch gear maintenance operations without opening the cabinets.

Battery Testers
Battery Tester – new line of battery maintenance testers and results data loggers.  Maintain battery health integrity in a fraction of the time, with fewer people.

Fluke Connect
Fluke connect & Asset software
IOS or Android apps that works with over 20 different Fluke test tools and allows you to identify and diagnose problems.


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