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01 February 2016

HT Instruments feature in Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer Magazine

Professional Heating and Plumbing Installer

Tools & Equipment Article
(featuring the THT70 & the NEW THT45 Thermal Cameras)
published by
Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer

... with powerful inbuilt analysis, these thermal cameras will allow you to detect problems that are often not visible to the naked eye, allowing you to correct otherwise hidden issues.

A building survey can reveal such issues as: Heat escaping from the property due to air leakage from the windows that were not sealed properly during installation.

Poorly insulated roofs and walls caused by missing insulation or insulation that has settled over time. In situations like this a different thermal pattern is often visible compared to the rest of the wall. These areas can often be a source of conductive heat loss or gain, and if severe enough can lead to significantly higher energy usage.