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03 February 2016

What do YOU know about thermography?

Thermography is a valuable technology that can have a significant impact on your troubleshooting and maintenance productivity.

When you can detect problems before they become emergencies, your job becomes much easier.

You can focus your time and budget on the areas of greatest need and you can proactively keep systems running.

Every thermal imager user knows that if your image is out of focus, temperature measurements could be off by up to 20 degrees or more, making it easier to miss a problem.

That’s why Fluke engineered LaserSharp® Auto Focus—which uses a built-in laser distance meter to instantly calculate and display the distance to your target so you get an in-focus image with the touch of a button. Get optimum focus flexibility with your choice of manual or fixed focus ease-of-use.

Fluke maximises the performance of every pixel throughout our entire thermal imager portfolio with detector resolutions ranging from 320x240 to 80x60 and 100% diamond turned germanium lenses that give you crisp detailed images and more accurate measurements.

Get 4 times the resolution in SuperResolution mode and get the image quality you need to make the right diagnosis. Patented IR-Fusion® technology with AutoBlend™ reveals brilliant details and pinpoints the exact location of the problem making your job easier.

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