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15 February 2021

NEW FLUKE Spring Promotions - Buy FLUKE/Get FLUKE FREE

NEW FLUKE Spring Promotions - Buy FLUKE/Get FLUKE FREE

FLUKE Spring/Summer Promotions - FREE FLUKE Products!

If you spend more than £200 (+VAT) you will receive a handy FLUKE tool absolutely FREE!


Full list of FREE gifts available:

LEVEL 1 (Product value is between £200.00 to £499.99)

TPAK Meter Hanging Kit
C25 Soft Carrying Case
2AC VoltAlert Voltage detector
MT-8202-05 IntelliTone Carrying Case

LEVEL 2 (Product value is between £500.00 to £899.99)

IKSC7 Insulated 7 units Screwdriver Kit, 1000 V
T150 Voltage and Continuity Tester
115 True-rms Multimeter
MT-8200-63A Intellitone Pro-200 LAN Tone Probe

LEVEL 3 (Product value is between £900.00 to £1299.99)

IKST7 Insulated Screwdriver and Plier Tools Starter Kit
325 True-rms Clamp Meter
175 True-rms Digital Multimeter
Pro Tool Kit IS60 Network Technicians Tool Kit

LEVEL 4 (Product value is between £1300.00 to £3199.99)

T6-1000 Electrical Tester
179 True-rms Digital Multimeter
MT-8200-60-KIT Intellitone Pro-200 LAN toner and Probe Kit

LEVEL 5 (Product value is between £3200.00 to £5499.99)

87V IMSK Industrial Multimeter Service Kit
1577 Insulation Multimeter
376 FC True-rms Clamp Meter
MS-PoE Microscanner PoE Cable Verifier
1551A ‘Stik’ Thermometer and Temperature Calibrator

LEVEL 6 (Product value is between £5500.00 to £8999.99)

1664 FC Multifunction Installation Tester
Troubleshooter kit DMM 87-5+Clamp 325+ Etester T6-1000+TPT T150
A3001 FC Kit FC Wireless iFlex AC Current Module
MS-PoE Kit Microscanner PoE professional kit
8845A 240 V 6.5 digit Precision Multimeter
FLK-LENS/TELE2 2x Telephoto Lens
FLK-LENS/WIDE2 Wide Angle Lens

LEVEL 7 (Product value is between £9000.00 to £13499.99)

1664 FC/PTi120 KIT includes 1664 FC and PTi120
SOLAR Kit Irradiance Meter+Clamp 376 FC+ Insulation tester 1507
1620A Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer
FI-1000-KIT USB Video Probe for Versiv Products + Tip Set
PTi120 Pocket Thermal Camera
FLK-LENS/TELE2 2x Telephoto Lens
FLK-LENS/WIDE2 Wide Angle Lens
Or choose 1 from lower level

LEVEL 8 (Product value is £13499.99 and above)

1523-256 Reference Thermometer
VERSIV2-M INTL Versiv2 Main Replacement Unit
TiS20+ Thermal Imager 9 HZ
Or choose 1 from lower level


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