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28 January 2016

New Product: The Fluke 1738

The Fluke 1738 is the first Three-Phase Power Logger enabled with Fluke Connect® Measurements mobile app, and optional premium Fluke Connect Assets software, making them ideal test tools for storing, archiving and tracking power quality measurement data. The 1738 with extensive power quality and energy measurements makes it an ideal tool for conducting energy studies, power quality logging and wireless logging of associated analog data.

The Fluke 1738 has an optimised user interface for fast, reliable setup, the automated measurement verification function helps eliminate the most common hook up errors. The standard flexible current probes cover most applications but optional current measuring accessories provide the ability for low current measurements and up to 6,000A on larger conductors.

Access and share data remotely via the Fluke Connect® Measurements app so you can maintain safer working distances and make critical decisions in real-time, reducing the need for protective equipment, site visits and check-ins. Quickly and easily chart and graph measurements to help identify issues and create detailed reports with Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software.

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