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15 May 2020

FEVER SCREENING SOLUTIONS - Using IR and Thermal Products

Fever Screening with Thermal Solutions

IR / Thermal Imaging Technology - Fever Screening

As restrictions start to lift return-to-work procedures will be at the forefront of discussion in businesses around the world! Although procedures are in place now they will need to be reassessed as more people re-join the workforce and more businesses reopen.

As part of your return-to-work procedure or plan you are likely to require some test equipment; this may not be the type you normally purchase but they will be instrumental in keeping your processes up and running.  Test equipment, alongside other measures, could help keep your staff safe!*  For example, one of your measures that is likely to become increasingly important is screening for elevated body temperature (EBT) and current advice points to a non-contact method:

  • Non-contact IR Temperature Thermometers
  • Handheld Thermal Cameras
  • Other Thermal Imaging Solutions 

Fever Screening - Keeping Staff Safe

Keeping staff members safe will be very important, however, the plans you put in place will differ depending on the nature of your business.  When considering the need for EBT screening and test equipment you may ask the following questions*

  • What type of working environment do we have?
  • How many staff members will we need to screen each day?
  • How quick do we need to screen them?

Forehead thermometers are extremely affordable, therefore you could purchase several for your business.  Thermal cameras are obviously more expensive but they are faster!  Consider the volume of people and the speed required so your staff members are not forced into close proximity.  As more restrictions are lifted and businesses start to reopen to the general public you may even require a fixed-mounted thermal solution.

See Our Fever Screening FAQs Page



Fever Screening - Forehead Thermometers

Forehead thermometers are increasingly used as effective screening tools for the detection of raised skin temperature.  In a post-lockdown world we envisage  they will be utilised in most places of work and eventually public-facing businesses like bars and restaurants as mentioned in the media.

Product focus: TestMate C-FIT

  • Improved accuracy of ±0.2°C between 36 & 39°C
  • Fast temperature readings of 0.5 seconds
  • Bundle of 3 C-FITs for ONLY £135
  • See the on-page comparison chart - How does it compare to the EXTECH IR200?

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Fever Screening - Thermal Camera

Recently the BBC has reported that several businesses are considering thermal imaging solutions for elevated skin temperature screening as a way to help keep staff members and the general public safe.  Below are videos and case studies demonstrating the uses for thermal technology as a method of detecting elevated skin temperature:

Thermal Cameras Vs IR Thermometers for Fever Screening:


Product focus: Hikvision Thermal Cameras

Hikvision Fever Screening Thermal Camera [pdf]:

Hikvision Fever Screening Brochure

Hikvision DS-2TP31B-3AUF Thermal Camera Only £1160 with FREE Tridod

Hikvision DS-2TP21B-6AVF/W Thermal Camera

Case Study 1 of Hikvision Thermal solutions Case Study 2 of Hikvision Thermal solutions

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Product focus: FLIR Thermal Cameras

Elevated Skin Temperature Screening 101 (EST) Using the FLIR E95

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Product focus: Mounted Thermal Solutions

Consider fixed-mounted solutions and walk through solutions for reception areas and high-traffic areas:

FLIR A320 Tempscreen Thermal Solution

FLIR A400 / A700 Smart Sensors Thermal Solutions

Hikvision ISD-SMG318LT-F Walk-Through Thermal Solution

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Q and A Fever Screen

* Please note these are devices are NOT diagnostic tools. They can be used to identify people with possible elevated body temperature.  They are practical screening tools suitable for use alongside medical equipment and procedures.