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26 July 2017

Why is the DMO200 High Current Micro-ohmmeter so good? From T&R Test Equipment.

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The DMO 200 from T&R Test Equipment
What makes it so good?

  • It’s very compact & light
  • Size Just 360x290x165mm
  • Weight Just 6.9Kg
  • Colour Display
  • 1-200A Test Current
  • 0.1µΩ-5Ω Resistance measurement
  • Universal supply 90-264V (no restriction on output Current)

The Test Current
The unit has a completely adjustable test current from 1 to 200A but it also has 3 ‘quick to go to’ buttons with pre-sets of 50,100 & 200A.

Data storage and retrieval
The unit comes complete with a USB keyboard and flash drive   
Which allows the user to have timed and date stamped data stored in a
CSV format – that means the information can be then put into any software
Program or spreadsheet that is being used.

User Defined Pass/Fail Limits
The user can set both upper and lower limits allowing for   
automatic pass and fail indication utilising the colour
screen which will appear red upon a fail.

Screen on the DMO200

Optional Ct – Measuring Circuit Breaker Resistance
Utilising the optional Hall effect Clamp you can measure the Circuit
Breaker contact resistance with both the earths up, with leads of up
to 20M available even the largest circuit breaker can be measured.

It has a larger 600A sibling if you require more current! The DMO600

The DMO 600

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