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16 July 2019

Application Note: Help to Increase The Reliability of Distribution Networks

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Distribution Transformer Inspections

A utilities application note to help increase the reliability of distribution networks.  Transformer maintenance and monitoring are critical - Learn how power companies catch impending failures early by monitoring temperature distribution on the outside surface of transformers.

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The customer's challenge: Distribution transformers are a key part of your low-voltage distribution networks. If a transformer overheats and fails, it can be devastating to the utility read the full application note.

The solution: Temperature is a key element in ensuring the working status of distribution transformers. Regular temperature monitoring using advanced diagnostic thermal imaging cameras can help you catch impending failures before they occur. Read about how using FLIR handheld thermal cameras, like the FLIR T660, you can easily inspect and monitor the temperature distribution on ace of each transformer read the full application note.

The result: Repairing or replacing a transformer is expensive. Read about how a thermal camera pays for itself when you consider the money saved by having the ability to fix a problem before it results in a shutdown!