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17 March 2020

9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator Now Available at Acutest

9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator Features and Industry Infographic

The Modal Shop 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator is Now Available from AcutestDirect

The 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator is the ideal tool for checking accelerometers, velocity transducers, and proximity probes over a wide operating frequency and amplitude range. The unit is a compact, battery-powered, and completely self-contained vibration reference source, which can be conveniently used to calibrate individual sensors, vibration switches, and data collectors, as well as to validate the entire measurement channel of a condition monitoring or recording system.


9110D Lab Accuracy To The Field:

  • Create Calibration Certificates for Vibration Instrumentation
  • Calibrate Vibration Analysers and Meters In-House
  • Confirm Critical Vibration Shutdown Alarms and Logic
  • Detect Sensor Drift and Amplified Outputs at Key Frequencies
  • Prevent Early or Late Shutdowns Due to Proximity Probe Errors
  • Compliance to API 670 and ISO 900


9110D Industry/Application Benefits:

  • In-House Calibration of Vibration Instrumentation
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • Loop Checks and System Troubleshooting, DCS & PLC
  • Proximity Probe Testing and Checks for Mismatched Systems
  • On-Turbine Vibration Sensors and Charge Amplifiers


Request a quote or demonstration today of the The Modal Shop 9110D from our friendly team at Acutest: