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07 June 2021

FLIR Gas Camera Trade Up Program

FLIR OGI Gas Cameras Trade Up Deal

FLIR Gas Camera Trade Up Program

FLIR OGI Cameras Trade Up Program - Trade in your older FLIR model for an upgraded FLIR model and ensure your leak detection and repair program is right and the best it can be for your facility!

FLIR optical gas imaging cameras allow you to visualise leaks so you can pinpoint the exact source of the emissions and begin repairs immediately, bolstering a culture of safety. Upgrading your FLIR model can provide the reliability, image quality, and peace of mind needed for a successful leak detection and repair program.


Trade-In Camera   GF300   GF320   GFx320
GasFindIR   £2,155   £2,155   £2,155
GasFindIR HSX   £2,155   £4,310   £6,465
GF300   n/a   n/a   £8,620
Other OEM Cooled OGI camera   n/a   £10,345   £12,930
GF320 > 2 years old*   n/a   n/a   £12,930
GF320 > 1 year < 2 years old*   n/a   n/a   £17,240
GF320 < 1 year old*   n/a   n/a   £21,550


Brief Terms and Conditions (enquire for full terms)

  • Trade-in pricing valid through to December 31, 2021 and with purchase of a new camera
  • Subject to export compliance approval
  • These commodities may not be sold, transferred or exported to certain countries - please enquire