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24 March 2015

Facility Managers

For Facility Managers

Most facility managers realise that energy is being wasted by inefficient systems or by operating non-critical loads at peak utility rate periods.

In addition to the cost of all that wasted energy, safety is another concern. If you’re planning to add a new electrical load to your existing service you need to know exactly what your existing systems are drawing. Just measuring voltage and current at any given point in time doesn’t provide the level of detail you need to determine if there is capacity for the new load. Performing a load study using an electrical energy logger gives you a more accurate picture over time, and you can use those results to meet reporting requirements for various safety regulations.

In the past, getting an accurate picture of energy use was complex and costly. You could use a low-end, general-purpose logger but you wouldn’t get accurate results. Or you could use an expensive power quality analyser, but that required an engineer with advanced training

Now there’s a new solution - Simplified, affordable energy logging

The new Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Electrical Energy Loggers the whole facility. You can use the results of this study to see when equipment is consuming power and determine whether you can make changes to reschedule some operations to lower demand and lower cost times of day.

  • Load studies If you’re planning to add equipment or increase the load on a specific circuit you can use the 1730 to log power consumption over a full production cycle. This will help you determine whether you have the capacity to handle the increased load and will also keep you from adding capacity where you don’t need to. In situations where it is difficult to make a voltage connection, you can use the 11730's simple load study feature to measure current only. The user can enter the nominal expected voltage and the unit will make all the necessary calculations.

Not just another energy logger


The Fluke 1730 Electrical Energy Logger not only provides professional-level data measuring; it gives you those capabilities in aser interface presents choices, steps, and values in the order you need them, which makes the Fluke 1730 a breeze to use even if you don’t use it often.

  • Lets you see data in real time. Rather than have to wait until you download the logged data to review it, the 1730 displays data during logging. You can also download logged data to a USB stick in the field and leave the logger to continue its job. It can store more than 20 separate logging sessions.
  • Connects with temperature and pressure accessories The 1730 has two auxiliary ports for connection to external sensors.


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