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17 May 2017

Amprobe have launched the ProInstall 75 Multifunction Tester!

ProInstall 75 UK Multifunction Installation Tester

The ProInstall-75-UK, with new advanced features, is the perfect installation testing tool for verifying the
safety of electrical installations in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. Ensure that fixed wiring is correctly installed and compliant
with IEC 60364, HD 384 requirements and BS7671 17th Edition wiring regulation meeting local requirements.

The ProInstall-75-UK is efficient to use by allowing the user to measure loop impedance without tripping RCDs, eliminating the need to bypass them. Slim reach probes allow you to keep your eyes on the panel while probing hard to reach areas. With easy-to-operate controls, a large display with a wide viewing angle, padded neck strap, and a compact, ergonomic design, this tester is comfortable enough to use for all day testing.


  • Compact, lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Simple operation for fast, easy testing
  • Settings & Operation
    • Fast high current loop test (high current mode)
    • Advanced loop testing prevents RCDs from tripping
    • Variable RCD current mode for customized settings
    • Zero adapter for easy test lead compensation
    • PASS/FAIL indicator takes the guesswork out of RCD testing
    • Insulation test voltages for a variety of applications
    • Select voltage measurement quickly and easily between L-N, L-PE, and N-PE
  • Dual display gives simultaneous readout of mains voltage and frequency
  • High resolution measurements down to 0.01 ohm for a high level of accuracy
  • Detachable leads for easy replacement
  • Safety and Compliance
    • Auto discharge allows fast and safe discharge of electrical energy in capacitive circuits
    • Added safety through live circuit detection, to check and inhibit test if circuit under test is live
    • Wiring connection check indication and live circuit detection for added safety
    • User selectable safety voltage level of 50 V or 25 V for varied environments

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